About Us

The human is an incredible being naturally equipped with the mind & body. 

When we provide our mind and body with the proper support, we are able to function at our highest potential and organically maintain our physiological being from the inside out. In today’s fast-paced world, our lives are only becoming more stressful, and we need to offset that stress by focusing on our holistic well-being.

The Human Programme is a holistic framework designed to tap into your human potential and provide natural solutions to: stress, lingering ailments, and mental burnout that compounds and accumulates over time.

Our philosophy is to educate individuals on the importance of cultivating healthy behaviours and patterns.

Letter from our Founders

'We started the Human Programme with an intense desire to help solve what is missing in the health industry: holistic well-being education.

We both come from a professional sports background and have worked in the health industry for over 15 years allowing us to see how it has evolved. This passion led us on a journey of relearning and discovering what it truly means to be ‘healthy’ in the mind and body.

We launched The Human Programme in 2020 during a time where people felt more anxious and depressed than ever. The results we saw were outstanding with each programme selling out and receiving full attendance throughout.

The Human Programme is a curated plan of study with industry leading lecturers providing holistic well-being education. We believe If people were equipped with the necessary tools to manage mental and physical health, people would be more empowered, happier, and more fulfilled – from the inside out.

Welcome to The Human Programme. We’re honoured to be part of your journey to relearn.

Love Ollie & Elliot'