Nathan Simmonds

Nathan is a FreeMind Rapid Change hypnotherapist – Working with inner Child Trauma & Healing as well as a qualified Leadership coach in a number of FTSE 250 organisations. With 24 years in leadership positions, 12 years in leadership development. Combined with an eclectic mix of incredible life experiences. From living in Brazil and training martial arts through to managing the customer services for Time & Fortune magazine while living in Amsterdam.

After being stuck in the so-called rat race, Nathan’s taken himself on a personal quest to understand why and how modern leadership is causing so much damage to itself, its people, and the world at large.

But discovered so much more. Along this journey, he then discovered the potential of psychedelics in the leadership space but ended up on a personal journey of self-healing and self-discovery. 

Comprehending the impacts of trauma on individuals as well as the people they lead and interact with, and in this discovered how trauma shows up through our lives as incident or illness including autoimmune disorders.

Nathan learned how everyone’s lives are trauma-informed, and most importantly how to resolve, reparent and reimagine ourselves through a combination of coaching and deep therapy practices.